We desire to keep the lines of communication open with our clients. Optimal results come about through clearly stated and understood expectations. For us, it is not enough to just do a job; we want to talk and walk with you through the process to ensure that we are properly providing what you have asked of us.

Ideally speaking, we want what we want right now! Because we respect time and the varying circumstances of our clients, we waste no time getting to work. We will never sacrifice thoroughness for speed but we believe strongly in promptness where turnaround is concerned.

The first and most critical part of our process is found in the genuine interest in the people that we serve. Because our projects are so heavily tailored to the individual, we understand from the beginning how important it is to get to know who you are and meet you where you are. 

Why Choose SSM Solutions?

Our professional resume writers will elevate you above the competition. We establish you as not just another potential employee but as a brand that any company will want to align themselves with.

Sharp ears, sharp eyes, strong attention to detail and quick hands generate amazing results in our transcription work. We guarantee speed and accuracy and strict confidentiality and security of your data.. 

Our document managers have no less than a decade experience with word processing, editing and proofreading with average typing speeds in excess of 80 WPM. You get maximum output and precision.

Our social media experts create a memorable online presence that will captivate your intended audience and get you and your brand discovered using the best available medium today! 


SSM Solutions writing and document management services create the perfect space for today's professional to move through the world in a way that is both efficient and profitable. If you really need to shine on that resume, be plainly understood in your transition from spoken to written word by way of transcription, delegate that pile of documents that need to be typed so that you can focus on more important matters or create a winning online presence, we have a solution for you!


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